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Hawker Hunter Video

Spanning five decades, it is the longest serving jet fighter that Britain has ever had. From Argentina to Sweden, numerous countries lined up to buy them. A plane that proved itself able to stand-up to and compete with the faster and newer designs. The Hawker Hurricane, it seemed almost got better with age. Relive the […]

The Vulcan: God of Fire Video

Designed as the Avro 698 and first flown in August 1952, the Vulcan proved to be the best V-bomber to serve the RAF during the Cold War.  With its huge delta wing the Vuclan was easily one of the most recognizable British bombers ever built. As Britain’s frontline nuclear deterrent through the 1950s and early […]

Fighters Compared – Top Gun:1940

In the first part of a major new Aeroplane series, in which we compare five aircraft from specific points in aviation history to establish a clear winner,Donald Nijboer analyses five fighters on the front line in mid-1940.. Since the end of the Second World War the process of assessing and measuring which weapon system was […]


Fighter pilots are the elite of the elite. It can take years of training to produce a fighter pilot and even longer to produce a plane that is worthy of their skills. Yet a dogfight can last only minutes. Discover what it felt like to be a fighter pilot during World War II, flying some […]