Graphic War Navy. New this Sept!

One of the highlights of Graphic War Navy is the stunning cutaway drawings of naval vessels and their armaments. These visuals played a pivotal role in the strategies of both Allied and Axis forces. In an era where there was limited intelligence about enemy craft, these illustrations were indispensable.

New This Sept! Carrier Strike-A Photo History of Aircraft Carriers in World War II. Stackpole Books

In this photo history, Donald Nijboer traces the history of aircraft carriers, from their early development just after World War I, to the Japanese carrier-borne attack on Pearl Harbor, through the great battles of the Pacific War, which featured some of military history’s great ships: the Yorktown, the Enterprise, the Hornet, the Lexington, and other vessels. Special sections cover […]

New Book! The Mighty Eighth

Start saving your pennies folks, er… I mean nickles. I have a new book coming out in September…The Mighty Eighth – Masters of the Air over Europe 1942-45. 288 pages choke full photos, illustrations, aircraft profiles and first person accounts of what it was like to fly and fight with the US Eighth Air Force […]

Author copies have arrived! Available Oct 26. Osprey Publishing.

The Douglas SBD Dauntless dive‐bomber’s place in military aviation history is often over‐shadowed by the more well‐known and iconic aircraft of World War II. In Britain, the Spitfire, Hurricane and Lancaster are revered. For Americans, the Boeing B‐17 Flying Fortress and P‐51 Mustang are seen as the key war‐winning machines of the conflict. Japan’s Mitsubishi […]

‘Five’ versus the Lightning

Air battle over Malta 1942.  The Spitfire Mk. V takes on the C.202 Folgore for air supremacy.  By Donald Nijboer “Either, sir, we get the Spitfires here within days, not weeks, or we’re done. That’s it.” 
Squadron Leader Stan Turner to Air Officer Commanding Sir Hugh Lloyd about the situation on Malta. It all began over the peaceful […]