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Kamikaze Killer – Seafire at War

Kamikaze-Killer The naval version of the Spitfire had its share of teething troubles, but by the end of World War II it had found its sea legs in the Pacific By Donald Nijboer   The ready room deep inside HMS Indefatigable offered little relief from the constant tropical heat in late March of 1945. The […]

The Illustrated History No 126 Wing RCAF D-Day to VE-Day – Now Available!

My first ibook is available at Apple’s ibook store.  Just $18.99US. https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/illustrated-history-no-126/id841037541?mt=11 From D-day to VE Day No 126 RCAF was the highest scoring fighter Wing as part of the RAF’s 2nd Tactical Air Force.  This illustrated history chronicles the wing’s many highlights and shows the Spitfire in the fighter-bomber role, as well as its […]

At the Printer

My fourth Duel Series book, Spitfire V vs. Mc. 202, is at the printers and will be available in 2014.  The Spitfire Mk V and Italy’s Macchi Mc 202 were probably the most evenly matched fighters of World War II.  In terms of  overall performance the Mc 202 had the edge.  But when it came […]