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Was the Avro Arrow killed by a Genie?

Much has been written about the demise of the CF-105 Avro Arrow – high cost, government incompetence, American interference.  Or was it something more mundane?  The introduction of the 1.5 kiloton Genie nuclear missile and surface-to-air missiles were the most likely culprits. With a kill box the size of three football fields the Genie negated […]

Avro Arrow – Nuclear Demise?

Over the decades much has been written about the demise of the delta winged CF-105 Avro Arrow.  There is a great deal of mystery surrounding this magnificent aircraft.  Conspiracy theories abound.  While more terrestrial reasons for its cancellation are most likely – high cost, government incompetence or personnel antipathy, I did come across a passage […]

CF-100 Restored to Fly?

After seeing the privately owned Sea Harrier wow the crowd during the latest instalment of the Toronto International Air Show, one has to wonder why there isn’t a fully restored CF 100 flying in Canada.  With so many jet fighters restored and flying throughout North America and Europe, I think its time  the venerable Avro […]

Cold War bomber – The Victor

New this week from Aerocinema.com: “The Victor” written and produced by yours truly.  This intriguing documentary reveals how innovative and technically advanced the Handley Page Victor really was.  The interview material is also interesting with stories about the “Black Buck” missions during the Falklands War and the use of the Victor as an interceptor.  Check […]