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Road Trip to Vintage Wings.

Here with Mike Potter, founder of Vintage Wings of Canada.  I had the pleasure of interviewing Mike and fellow Vintage Wings display pilot Rob Erdos last Thursday at their Gatineau airport hanger.  The interviews are for an upcoming program on the Hawker Hurricane for Aerocinema.com.  The Hurricane in the background is the Mk IV version, […]


Fighter pilots are the elite of the elite. It can take years of training to produce a fighter pilot and even longer to produce a plane that is worthy of their skills. Yet a dogfight can last only minutes. Discover what it felt like to be a fighter pilot during World War II, flying some […]

The Sword and the Pen

The Sword and the Pen – Model Aircraft Monthly – February 2008 This article is an excerpt taken from Graphic War – The Secret Aviation Drawings and Illustrations of World War II. It explains how graphic design and colour illustrations helped in the training of air and ground crews in WWII.

Holding the Fort with the Iron Dog

Holding the Fort with the Iron Dog – Flight Journal Magazine August 2005 Like all fighters of World War II, the P-39 had more than its share of faults, but in the early days of the War the P-39 proved itself to be rugged fighter and managed to hold its own against the best the […]