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‘Five’ versus the Lightning

Air battle over Malta 1942.  The Spitfire Mk. V takes on the C.202 Folgore for air supremacy.  By Donald Nijboer “Either, sir, we get the Spitfires here within days, not weeks, or we’re done. That’s it.” 
Squadron Leader Stan Turner to Air Officer Commanding Sir Hugh Lloyd about the situation on Malta. It all began over the peaceful […]

At the Printer

My fourth Duel Series book, Spitfire V vs. Mc. 202, is at the printers and will be available in 2014.  The Spitfire Mk V and Italy’s Macchi Mc 202 were probably the most evenly matched fighters of World War II.  In terms of  overall performance the Mc 202 had the edge.  But when it came […]