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Kamikaze Killer – Seafire at War

Kamikaze-Killer The naval version of the Spitfire had its share of teething troubles, but by the end of World War II it had found its sea legs in the Pacific By Donald Nijboer   The ready room deep inside HMS Indefatigable offered little relief from the constant tropical heat in late March of 1945. The […]

‘Too Close for Comfort’

On Thursday Sept 4th I had the pleasure of interviewing the world’s greatest pilot, Capt Eric Brown RN (Ret.), about his new book ‘Too Close for Comfort.’  The book chronicles his close shaves and bailouts during his amazing flying career.

Last Dogfights of World War II

August 15, 1945 just hours before the Japanese surrender broadcast, the last two dogfights of World War II occurred above and around Tokyo Bay.  The American’s claim it was the Hellcats from US Navy squadron VF-88, the British say it was the Seafires from the 24th Naval Fighter Wing.  Both groups of fighters encountered Japanese […]

Capt. Eric Brown Interview in London

Just returned from my trip to London and my interview with Capt. Eric Brown.  Not only did I get to interview the world’s greatest test pilot, but upon my arrival he invited me to attend the Guild of Aviation Artists awards ceremony!  So off we went him leading the way.  We jumped into a cab and […]

Capt. Eric Brown Royal Navy (Ret.) Interview

I will have the honour and pleasure of interviewing Capt. Eric Brown Royal Navy (Ret.) at the RAF Club in London on July 22nd and 23rd.  As one of the world’s greatest pilots Eric has flown over 487 different types including German, Japanese, Russian and Italian combat aircraft.  The focus of the interview will deal […]