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New Cockpit Book!

Dan Patterson and I have embarked on a new cockpit book project.  The publisher is Zenith Press and the title is, Fighting Cockpits – World War I to the Present.  It will feature 50 cockpits, archival photos and hopefully a pilot’s perspective for each cockpit.  Most of the cockpits will be shot in the USAAF […]

Who Killed the First Jet Fighter?

Many consider the Messerschmitt Me 262 to be the world’s first jet fighter.  Two years before the Me 262 took to the air there was another jet fighter that was in fact the first – it was the Heinkel He 280.  ’Who Killed the First Jet Fighter’ is a two part series now showing at […]

Road Trip to Vintage Wings.

Here with Mike Potter, founder of Vintage Wings of Canada.  I had the pleasure of interviewing Mike and fellow Vintage Wings display pilot Rob Erdos last Thursday at their Gatineau airport hanger.  The interviews are for an upcoming program on the Hawker Hurricane for  The Hurricane in the background is the Mk IV version, […]

Roar of the Merlins!

Just spotted the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum’s Lancaster as it flew over Toronto on Sunday June 29, at 12:30pm.  The roar of its four Merlin engines is unmistakable and a dead give away.  Must be a run up flight before it heads over the Atlantic to England in August.  Best of luck!