dogfightFighter pilots are the elite of the elite. It can take years of training to produce a fighter pilot and even longer to produce a plane that is worthy of their skills. Yet a dogfight can last only minutes.

Discover what it felt like to be a fighter pilot during World War II, flying some of the most iconic planes to have ever graced the skies during combats when both man and machine were tested to the limit. This volume reveals the greatest aerial match-ups which have become the stuff of legend, from Spitfires battling Messerschmitts over the skies of Southern England to Fw 190s attempting to turn the tide against the ever-advancing Mustangs of the 8th Air Force during the dying days of the war.


Selected Contents

Part I: Spitfires vs Bf 109
Part II: P-51 Mustang vs Fw 190
Part III: P-40 Warhawk vs Ki-43 Oscar: China 1944–45
Part IV: P-47 Thunderbolt vs Bf 109G
Part V: Seafire vs Zero