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New Book! The Mighty Eighth

Start saving your pennies folks, er… I mean nickles. I have a new book coming out in September…The Mighty Eighth – Masters of the Air over Europe 1942-45. 288 pages choke full photos, illustrations, aircraft profiles and first person accounts of what it was like to fly and fight with the US Eighth Air Force […]

Good Reviews for German Flak Defences vs Allied Heavy Bombers

“Author Donald Nijboer has put together a concise but informative look at Germany’s flak defenses and their match-up with British and U.S. heavy bombers. The narrative runs through their respective buildups, equipment, and tactics. The analysis suggests the flak defenses were much more effective than they are usually given credit for. The narrative includes lots […]

Carrier Strike is now Available!

In Carrier Strike: US Naval Air Warfare in the Pacific, historian Donald Nijboer tells the full story of the American carrier fleet during the Second World War – the vessels, the crew, the aircraft and the pilots as well as their British Royal Navy allies and the deadly Imperial Japanese Navy forces they faced in […]