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New Documentary – The Elephant Plane

April 1st 1945. Germany is on the brink of utter defeat. To gain time and prepare their defenses the Germans needed to slow the Soviet advance. The bridges over the Vistula and Oder had to be destroyed. The question was, how? The new Mistel composite aircraft was not one of Hitler’s so called “wonder weapons”. […]

Last Dogfights of World War II

August 15, 1945 just hours before the Japanese surrender broadcast, the last two dogfights of World War II occurred above and around Tokyo Bay.  The American’s claim it was the Hellcats from US Navy squadron VF-88, the British say it was the Seafires from the 24th Naval Fighter Wing.  Both groups of fighters encountered Japanese […]

Roar of the Merlins!

Just spotted the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum’s Lancaster as it flew over Toronto on Sunday June 29, at 12:30pm.  The roar of its four Merlin engines is unmistakable and a dead give away.  Must be a run up flight before it heads over the Atlantic to England in August.  Best of luck!