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Avro Arrow – Nuclear Demise?

Over the decades much has been written about the demise of the delta winged CF-105 Avro Arrow.  There is a great deal of mystery surrounding this magnificent aircraft.  Conspiracy theories abound.  While more terrestrial reasons for its cancellation are most likely – high cost, government incompetence or personnel antipathy, I did come across a passage […]

Hawker Hunter Video

Spanning five decades, it is the longest serving jet fighter that Britain has ever had. From Argentina to Sweden, numerous countries lined up to buy them. A plane that proved itself able to stand-up to and compete with the faster and newer designs. The Hawker Hurricane, it seemed almost got better with age. Relive the […]

XF-108: The Rapier Video

In the minds of American military planners, the promise of intercepting Russian bombers far before they reached the American heartland was simply too appealing to ignore. And hence the long-range Mach 3 “Rapier” was born. As one of the missing ‘century series’ fighters, the XF-108 interceptor had great promise. In the North American tradition, the […]