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Last Dogfights of World War II

August 15, 1945 just hours before the Japanese surrender broadcast, the last two dogfights of World War II occurred above and around Tokyo Bay.  The American’s claim it was the Hellcats from US Navy squadron VF-88, the British say it was the Seafires from the 24th Naval Fighter Wing.  Both groups of fighters encountered Japanese […]

Who Killed the First Jet Fighter?

Many consider the Messerschmitt Me 262 to be the world’s first jet fighter.  Two years before the Me 262 took to the air there was another jet fighter that was in fact the first – it was the Heinkel He 280.  ’Who Killed the First Jet Fighter’ is a two part series now showing at Aerocinema.com. […]

Holding the Fort with the Iron Dog

Holding the Fort with the Iron Dog – Flight Journal Magazine August 2005 Like all fighters of World War II, the P-39 had more than its share of faults, but in the early days of the War the P-39 proved itself to be rugged fighter and managed to hold its own against the best the […]